Tip for Booking Flights

Certain international airlines, usually out of the way national airlines (such as Iceland Air, Turkish Airlines, etc.), not only allow you to extend your layover in their country but offer benefits and rewards for doing so. Some of these rewards in the past have included:

  • Massive hotel discount rates – or even a free night or two
  • Local transit discount cards
  • Free tours
  • Swag and souvenirs
  • Discounts for resorts, hotels, and others
  • Free entry to local attractions

If you can afford the time to add a stop of more than a short layover on your next trip overseas, I highly recommend taking advantage of these deals and discounts. Not only do you get a better flight costs, but you also get to – albeit briefly – experience another culture.

Iceland Air (image source travelobersvers.com)
Iceland Air (image source travelobersvers.com)

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