A Little Side Money for Travel Gear

This tip is not for everyone. Some of you will have strong issues with having your internet searches tracked and recorded – though most of us know that they already are – but if you’re interested in making a little side cash for some travel gear purchases on Amazon, this is a way to do that.

Image by Margan Zajdowicz

Disclaimer: Not Actual Cash

I should note, this is not cash in the sense of money you can spend anywhere. This is for Amazon – or other sites available through the program – only.

Bing Is Your Friend

My husband hates Bing for searching and always wants me to use Google for better results. I find the results are definitely different, but not entirely uneven is benefits. But if you sign up for an account on Bing you can earn points towards Amazon gift cards.

It generally takes me a month to earn $5, so this is not a fast way of earning, just an additional bonus money source.

How to Do It

Sign up for the account on Bing.com. You’ll see the option up on the upper right-hand corner. Follow the step-by-step instructions.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll earn points as long as you’re signed into Bing.com. I am also logged in on my phone so that my phone searches earn points as well.

How to Earn Points

There are multiple ways of earning points through Bing. Avoid the ones that cost money, unless you’re already planning to shop online.

You can earn points by:

  • Doing Bing searches on your computer
  • Doing Bing searches on your phone
  • Doing the daily polls
  • Doing the daily quizzes
  • Using the Edge browser to conduct some of your Bing searches
  • Logging in daily and doing quizzes and searches – bonus points awarded for logging in streaks
  • Reviewing the bonus features daily

Pro Tip

You can save up the points for pretty much as long as you like. So, I save until I have earned enough points for multiple gift cards. I will have a particular Amazon purchase in mind, and once I’ve earned enough points to buy that item, I cash in my points for multiple gift cards at once. Then, I apply the gift cards to my Amazon account, and voila. No cash spent, and free travel gear acquired!

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