Stan’s Donuts and Coffee Review from a Gluten-Free Lifer

Who doesn’t love a good donut? Even better, a gourmet donut from a shop with a fun atmosphere and a history of serving Hollywood starlets like Steve McQueen and Elizabeth Taylor?

The main problem with donuts that I have is that they are not gluten-free. Since I’m a gluten-free lifer, I can’t eat your standard donut. And finding a gluten-free donut, let alone a decent one, is next to impossible.

One day, while wandering the Wicker Park neighborhood with my husband, I discovered that Stan’s Donuts and Coffee has gluten-less donuts! They had surprisingly sold out that day when someone came in only moments earlier and wiped out their entire stock, however, so I did not get to try them at the time. My husband assured me that the other donuts were “utterly disgusting” and therefore I wasn’t missing anything.

Not believing my husband one iota, I jumped at the chance to try the Blueberry Gluten-Less the next time I was hanging out in Wicker Park.

Warning: Gluten-Less, Not Gluten-Free

It’s important to note that though the donuts themselves do not contain gluten, they are made with equipment that has been in contact with gluten. For those with severe allergies, I’m afraid you won’t be able to enjoy these.

Taste and Texture

I love cake donuts. Don’t get me wrong – glazed donuts drenched with chocolate sauce and stuffed with Bavarian crème are awesome. But there’s something about a cake donut that makes my rarely-indulging soul sing. And Stan’s gluten-less donuts are three flavors of cake donuts. Yum.

I’ve tried both the Blueberry and Pistachio options at this point. They’re basically the same donut – and by all appearances, the chocolate donut appears to be as well – with different icing flavors.


The gluten-less Blueberry donut


The taste was everything you’d expect from a standard cake donut. Which says a lot. Gluten-free anything is usually lacking in “normal” flavoring. That gives these donuts a huge win.

The icing for both the Blueberry and the Pistachio were delectable as well. Creamy, crisp, and flavorful, as every good donut icing should be. Plus, they add a nice color to the donuts, making them that much more appealing.


For a standard donut, Stan’s can be a little pricey. But since these are gluten-less, they are a bargain at about $3 apiece. Especially since they exist without that typical cardboard flavor.

Pro Tip

The flavors I got were bagged together, so the flavors blended a bit too much to have full distinction between them. So, my recommendation if you purchase multiple flavors, is to request a separate bag per flavor.

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