Product Review: Adventuridge Hiking Backpack

On occasion, great travel gear comes from unexpected sources. I was short on time, shorter on cash, and needed a smaller hiking backpack than I currently owned. On a whim, I stopped at Aldi for a snack on the way home from my next to final training jaunt, and came across the Adventuridge hiking backpack on the shelves. At only $29.99, this pack was affordable, even if it lasted only long enough to get me to and from Peru this summer.

My Adventuridge Hiking Backpack packed and ready for Peru

What You’ve Got With the Backpack

With four zippered pockets and two open elastic banded pockets, the main compartment and several tie-downs and external straps, this backpack offers plenty of options for packing away your gear.

For my one week hiking trek to Peru and Machu Picchu, I had sufficient space for all of my clothing, camera tripod, pillows, a blanket, toiletries, two pairs of shoes and several items I didn’t wind up using.


Everything I packed for Peru, minus the camera & bag


What I Needed in a Backpack

I needed the pack for my two (partial) days’ hike and return hike planned from Hydroelectric to Aguas Calientes near the base of Machu Picchu.

This pack met my needs, allowing me to carry the weight as needed (heaviest at bottom of the pack), with my water bottle, camera and jacket strapped to the outside for easy access as I crossed railroad tracks, trestle bridges, and hiked gradually upward through the mountainous jungle.

Hiking the train tressles to Aguas Calientes

How the Adventuridge Held Up

The pack survived not only this trek, but another week in Peru as it was jostled about on airplanes, trucks through the jungle and manhandling by my teammates. The stitching had stretched slightly in one place, but that was due to over-packing. The stitching has restored to its original state. The pack remains (mostly) stain-free and intact after two rough weeks and more than nine thousand miles.

I’m planning to pack this backpack for my trip to the Uk/France/Andorra this year, as well.

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