A Simple Way to Help Your Self-Quarantined Neighbors

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

This isn’t my idea, but it is something I wanted to share in case it would spark others to reach out within their own communities during the challenging lock-downs of COVID-19.

My church has made up a bunch of fliers and passed them out around the surrounding neighborhood, offering a couple of simple things that folks who are self-quarantined cannot do for themselves while on lock-down.

  • Go buy groceries and deliver them to folks who can’t afford the additional cost of delivery
  • Go pick up and deliver prescriptions and over-the-counter treatments
  • Collect mail, deliveries, and packages at drop-boxes, etc.

There are probably similar things you can do for your neighbors who may be on lock-down right now, thanks to this nasty virus that has so many folks terrified.

All of these things are necessary.

But I’d also like to recommend, if you can afford the little bit extra, tossing in some flowers, a card, an encouraging note, a DVD, or something similar to help folks cope with the struggle of being stuck indoors, away from friends and family for the time being.

And don’t forget to offer to make Facetime/Skype/Facebook video calls. Seeing a friendly, smiling face could really make the difference for someone who’s stuck indoors, especially if they’re an extrovert.

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